Saki – My acoustic project

So, I performed live for the first time outside my university. It was really fun and I posted some videos on YouTube. The links are available below. Do check them out. They are all original and composed by me. The lyrics are available in other blog posts of mine.  Saki – Dive Saki – The […]

Poem: The End

​So long, my friend This is the end The end of another chapter Would you like a metaphor? Good times, bad times In my head, mad chimes Shattered heart’s calling Falling apart, oh, I’m falling To the one whom I cannot curse Remember this, we’re just a speck in this universe I think it’s time […]

Poem: Gravity

​An avalanche, entropia  Needs a trigger, now and then And you pulled it, a parabola Gotta say, really, I’m falling How could you? Argh.  After all, you’re Alaha

Poem: Burn

​I light another cigarette Been months, it’s hard to forget The smoke fills me Kills more than you can possibly do to me I burn those letters  The act is clichéd but not worthless I’ll burn my memories as well Pathetic fallacy, all those trees that fell You’re a reminder, that love is just a […]